Me and Mrs Jones

He observed the school day
through a haze
of purple and silver,
regularly charged with
disruptive behaviour
and sentenced to exile
in endless corridors
where counting bricks
under florescent strip lighting
became a substitute for

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Shattered Heart

'the bullet that killed him entered through the right side of his back
before shattering his heart’

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Dead Numbers

Cracks have formed in the ceiling
and memories escape like vapour
through his mind’s roof,
they drift upward
and populate the blue desert
with sweet remembrance.

He occupies the forgotten garden
and fixes his gaze on the clouds,
the celestial screen projects
scenes from his fabled past:

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Wicked Weathermen Prowl

Wicked weathermen prowl the night sky

Over Gaza.

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Khader Adnan - Death or Freedom, Death for Freedom

Khader Adnan will die, soon. In doing so he will be liberated from his oppressors and inspire all of us. He is heroically embarking on his sixty-third day of hunger strike. The idea of going without food for sixty-three hours is a testing one, sixty-three days is incomprehensible. Khader Adnan’s steely resolve is unbreakable, death or freedom, death for freedom.

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